Choose Tires For Car Based on Road Condition

Believe it or not, 20 percent of your car’s engine performance is determined by the tires type. Therefore, by selecting the appropriate tires, it will make engine performance better and automatically will have a good effect on the fuel consumption. So, do not just use any tires. We need to carefully choose those tires based on car specifications and the road surface conditions that often we go through. In place where the road surface in average is uneven and bumpy, the main factor in choosing a tire should be how little the “rolling resistance” of those tires. Rolling Resistance is the resistance that occurs when the tire rotates on a flat surface. The greater the obstacle, the greater the energy needed to keep the tires to roll. The smaller the resistance, the engine performance will be more optimal. So, choose tires with a low rolling resistance. How do I know if the tires have a low rolling resistance?

First, observe the construction of the tires. Tires which have hard tread can reduce the deformation or change in shape (not perfectly round), so with a perfect shape, tires will rotate more smoothly.

Second is, observe how flat a tire can hold the pressure of the air-filling inside. The more evenly the pressure, the lower the rolling resistance, this is happen because the friction on the tires’ rubber is evenly spread.

The Last thing you must pay attention to is the grooves on the tire tread. Choose a tire tread groove base on the road condition. Wet and dry road has a different specification. More groove is better for a wet road conditions and vice versa, the fewer the grooves on the tire the better the tire is used in a dry road condition. Tire groove is useful for directing the wind and water, so at high speeds or while passing through a pool of water, wind and water is directed well and not hinder the tire aerodynamic rotation. If the groove is too dense, the tire rotation will became onerous and this is not good for a dry track. Vice versa, if the groove is too tenuous, it’s good for dry track, but it will be slippery on a wet track. For the use of everyday activities, select a combined tire tread that intended for a wet and dry road.