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Importance Of Winter Tires

Most often with the winter being just around the corner the issue of winter or snow tires comes to the forefront. It is, however, highly recommendable to give proper consideration well in advance, by taking into account several basic aspects. The first is the vital necessity of their usage in rough snow and severe winter conditions. Unfortunately, quite a number of drivers ignore that necessity relying on some solutions that could lead to a fatal end. Researchers, producers and clients have experienced the benefits of winter tires and have agreed on their indispensable need. Both the composition and outer design of winter tires are intended to make them most suitable for extreme winter conditions and making the vehicle stable on the road. This is achieved by using flexible rubber material that remains soft enough to ensure adequate traction, thus preventing the car spinning and skidding on slippery and ice-covered winter roads. Being provided with an effective traction, the vehicle has a better grip on the snow and remains stable as well as enable both steering and braking together with propelling efficiency. Logically enough, the existence of all mentioned above, results in driving confidence which in its turn delivers safety in freezing temperatures and not only in snow but also in slush conditions.

The second important point is to forget all common misconceptions about various substitutes for winter tires in order to avoid additional expenses. The most frequent false beliefs are related to just using the ABS braking, all-season-tires compromise and at the worst to put just two instead of 4 winter tires. In none of these cases, the vehicle is protected and prevented from losing the sufficient traction for snow and slush. The

Anti-Lock-Brake System can only keep tires unlocked, the all-seasons tires are hazardous because they may stiffen and cause traction loss and the latter manifest good performance in summer. Besides, their tread is less flexible and resistant in cold weather than that of winter tires which causes it getting packed with snow and losing traction again. Last but not least comes the misleading notion that only two snow tires could serve the purpose to deliver good traction on the snow. This is dangerous because the traction imbalance will be higher and better in either the front or the rear depending on where the pair of winter tires is placed. It is only by having four matching tires that the vehicle can become reliable in winter conditions. To make driving safe and pleasant it is also important to select high-quality winter tires by keeping in mind the peculiar features of your vehicle and make sure they are stored in the best place and way. That means wrapping each separately and stacking them upon one another in a cool dry place or by buying storage bags.